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Second Chance Coming

Did you miss getting your old electronic equipment to St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Recycling Event last May?  

Well, there’s another chance as the council will hold another recycling event in St. Mary’s church parking lot on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9 AM to 1 PM.

They received many carloads of used flat-screen TVs, radios, printers, computers, vintage hair dryers, and more last time, and several people were disappointed that they missed the chance to clean out their attics or basements. Here’s your second chance!

In addition to electronic devices, the event will also accept clean clothing in 13-gallon trash bags.  The clothing will be sorted and recycled for distribution to those in need.  

Here’s how the event works: there is a charge of $10 for your first three items (equipment and/or 13-gallon bags of clothing), and then $5 for each additional device and/or bag of clothing. They can only accept flat-screen TV’s, no older model CRT tvs. 

The proceeds will be used to help St. Mary’s KofC council continue its charitable activities. They donated the proceeds of the May event to the Holliston Pantry Shelf and the MetroWest Veterans’ Emergency Relief Fund.

So, check your closets, attic, basement, and garage for clothes and old electronic devices you want to get out of the house.  And bring them to St. Mary’s KofC Recycling Event - YOUR second chance is here!