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Special Town Meeting passes $1.17 million override,

Holliston Special Town Meeting approved a $1.17 million operational override on June 10, 2024. To go into effect, it must also pass at a special election on Sept. 10, 2024. Photo source: Holliston Cable Access

The override must now pass at a Sept. 10 special election in order to go into effect. 

By Theresa Knapp
At a Special Town Meeting on June 20, Holliston voters passed a $1.17 million Proposition 2 ½ override intended to amend the town’s FY25 budget and send funds to the school department. The override must now pass at a Sept. 10 special election in order to go into effect. 
This is the town’s first requested override in 14 years, according to town officials. 
The override included $1,126,021 for the “School Department” to fund a school teacher contract that was settled after the town’s Annual Town Meeting in May; and $44,345 to “Personnel By-Law Chart (Town) - HR Budget,” which Select Board Chair Tina Hein explained is to “mitigate the growing pay disparity” amongst 43 other employees, per an internal salary audit. 
Hein said the 1.5% [cost of living adjustment] in fiscal year 20‘24 and 2025 has led to pay disparity and the override leads to an opportunity to address that issue. 
In his presentation, Holliston School Committee Chair Dan Alfred said passing the override would: 
- Increase student time on learning by 15 minutes per day;
- Put in place a process to look at potential schedule changes in the middle and high schools; on learning will be increased and “why they approved a contract the town cannot afford.” That motion was defeated. 
After nearly 90 minutes, the article was moved and the override passed by a resounding voice vote. 
Town officials say they will conduct “community conversations and discussions” between now and the September election where the question must pass to go into effect. 
The full warrant article is available at A recording of the Special Town Meeting can be found at 
- Keep Holliston teachers competitively compensated; and 
- Increase competitiveness of entry-level wages. 

Alfred explained, “As far as the breakdown goes, about $800,000 is for the teachers, $200,000 for buses, and $100,000 for ‘other salaries.’” 
“This contract is good for teachers, good for students, good for Holliston Public Schools, and good for Holliston,” said Alfred. 
The Holliston Select Board and Finance Committee supported the motion. 
Town Meeting member Barbara Peatie proposed a motion to postpone the article indefinitely while the school committee could provide answers to various questions including how time The override must now pass at a Sept. 10 special election in order to go into effect.