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Holliston town election results include Select Board close call, Planning Board upset

The Holliston town election was held on Tuesday, May 21. 
The Town Clerk’s unofficial results are listed below which include a Planning Board upset wherein the incumbent lost to another candidate. 
Candidates for Select Board included Damon D. Dimmick (1170 votes) and Tracey R. McSherry (1169 votes), Dimmick won by one vote. At press time, McSherry was gathering signatures to request a recount. 
Damon D. Dimmick won a Select Board seat by one vote. A recall is being requested. 
Select Board (3-year term) – Damon D. Dimmick 
Assessor of Taxes (3 yrs) – Jeffrey A. Marshall
Assessor of Taxes (2 yrs) – write-in candidate (unnamed at press time) 
School Committee (3 yrs), 3 seats – Hilary S. Bresnahan, Francis K. Ogura, Joseph M. Paru
Board of Health (3 yrs) – John D. Leary Jr.
Board of Health (unspecified) – Brian Simmons (write-in)
Trustee of Public Library (3 yrs), 2 seats – Karla M. Alfred, Andrea W. McCoy
Trustee of Public Library (2 yrs) – Robert M. McGrath
Finance Committee (3 yrs), 2 seats – James M. Robinson Jr., Matthew W. Leach
Finance Committee (1 yr) – Jonathan M. Nauss
Park Commissioner (3 yrs), 2 seats – H. Shaw Lively, Richard A. Morse
Planning Board (5 yrs) – James E. Read
Housing Authority (5 yrs) – Maria M. Constantinides
The final results can be found at