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Vesta Real Estate Group

Meet your Vesta team: Ed and Doriane Daniels, Liz Kelly, Ashley Austin, and Steve Kirstein.

Not just a Realtor®, but a real estate team


By Jane Lebak

For most families, their home is not only their greatest asset, but also the most complicated transaction they’ve ever completed.

Liz Kelly, real estate agent with Vesta Real Estate Group, has made it her mission to support clients through that process. “Most of the time, if you hire an agent, you’re hiring one person,” she says. “But when you partner with Vesta Real Estate Group, you’re getting all of us.”

Vesta Real Estate Group has operated in Massachusetts since 1998, not only buying and selling homes but also managing rentals and investment properties. 

The five agents of Vesta Real Estate Group have more than fifty years of experience, and they all meet multiple times a week to discuss strategy and their clients’ particular needs.

“Even though you’re primarily dealing with one agent,” says Kelly, “it’s a huge benefit to have multiple experts focused on you. Plus, if for some reason I can’t be available, every other agent is already up to speed on your needs.”

Liz Kelly previously worked as a teacher, with a degree in psychology and a Master’s in special education. After Vesta’s owners, Ed and Doriane Daniels, helped sell Kelly’s home, they realized her teaching skills would be a great match for the Vesta team. “And they were right,” says Kelly. “Helping people through real estate transactions is really about guiding them during what may be the most stressful time in their life.” With a laugh, she adds, “I’d say my job is about 70% therapist and 30% real estate.”

Selling or buying a home is not only a complicated process, but also one that involves a tremendous amount of money and a lot of emotional connection. 

Kelly says, “I’ve had a number of clients who downsized from homes they’ve lived in thirty or forty years. For some of them, they’ve owned only this one home. They took pride in it and made memories in it, but now they’re leaving, so they need a lot of support. I teach them how the market has changed. I guide them through what’s become a much faster-paced process.”

In one particular case, an elderly individual needed to move into assisted living. “I wouldn’t let him be taken advantage of,” says Kelly. “I attended meetings between him and the moving company to make sure of that. I went with him to his new home at assisted living to measure it and help him determine what furniture could come.”

For Kelly, there’s a specific joy in helping others achieve homeownership. “I love homes, and I love property. I own a rental property, and I’ve updated and flipped houses. Every part of the process is exciting to me. I didn’t understand until my thirties exactly how much owning property could help generate wealth for the owner, so now I educate buyers about the value of home ownership.”

The Vesta team makes the time for face-to-face meetings with all their clients, not only to get to know the property, but also to assess the client’s needs and identify early any special challenges and how to keep the path smooth. “It may sometimes be a bumpy road, but there are always solutions. It’s our privilege to find the right solution for your situation,” Kelly says. “Our goal is to take care of you through the entire process, not just sell the house.”

To meet the team who will help you buy your next home or sell the one you have, visit, email [email protected], or call 774-233-1926 today.