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Pinci Lasagneria offers delicious Tuscan dining in your own home

Valerio Pinci makes spinach pasta by hand for his authentic, gourmet lasagna, to be delivered to customers in Holliston and nearby towns. Courtesy photo.

By Linda Chuss
When you hear Valerio Pinci describe the homemade, authentic, gourmet lasagna he makes using mainly organic ingredients, or read customer reviews of his lasagneria dishes, you can barely think of anything else except tasting it. You mull over which type to choose: the regular handmade pasta, or the spinach pasta, which actually imparts its flavor, not just the green color. Will it be the grass-fed beef or vegetarian, grilled eggplant between the layers of imported cheeses? The white lasagna with truffled portobella mushrooms, or the latest variation, pesto lasagna?
One decision you are spared regards béchamel, the white sauce used in all types, providing a rich and creamy flavor. Made with butter, milk, and flour, béchamel establishes the lasagna’s lineage as Tuscan, and the rich culinary universe that is Northern Italy.
Pinci Foods lasagna is also convenient to get and serve at home or bring to a celebration. The taste far exceeds what you would find at a typical Italian restaurant, yet the price is comparable. As one customer shared, “Be prepared to be transported to rustic Italy for an authentic meal.” Another concluded, “It makes for an unforgettable dinner.”
“Lasagna was always my favorite food growing up in northern Italy,” said Pinci, who hasn’t fully lost his Milanese accent. “It’s traditionally served at family gatherings like for Christmas or New Year’s. Because it’s a baked pasta dish, it can be prepared well in advance of the meal.”
“My grandmother taught me how to make it. After moving here from Italy in my early 20s, I couldn’t find lasagna like it, or go home every time I wanted it. So, I started making it for myself. Then for my friends.” Pinci likely has very many friends.
In 2023, after he moved on from his position as a high-tech executive, other events lined up that propelled him to start the high-end lasagna business. “WSK opened a commercial kitchen in Holliston last fall, providing the right space so close to home. I was able to open earlier this year, and it’s been phenomenal.”
Pinci makes the lasagna at WSK and flash freezes it. Most customers order from the website. Within about three to five days, or at a later date the customer specifies, the lasagna is delivered to the customer, at no extra charge for Holliston and nearby towns. Membership options for recurring delivery are available, with benefits like preferred access to new varieties and price discounts. Having an exquisite meal at home couldn’t be easier.
“What’s truly great about lasagna is how well it freezes,” Pinci said. “You can have it months later and it will be just as good as when it’s fresh. When you’re ready to serve it, just thaw, then reheat it for 45 minutes.” 
If you just cannot wait for the delivery, you can find Pinci Lasagna at the Holliston Suprette. An enticing way to sample the varieties is at a tasting, like the one at WSK held in March that drew over 100 people.
“When you join our email list, you’ll be notified of tastings, new offerings, and special discounts,” Pinci explained. Right now, when you place your first order on the website, the code FIRSTORDER15 gives you 15% off.” Price is based on the type – meat, vegetarian, or gluten free – as well as the size, which is measured in pounds.   
A tray of gourmet lasagna makes a perfect gift, especially for people who don’t have time to prepare the dish but would enjoy it at home. Pinci can even ship the lasagna, suitably packaged.
 Find more information and order at For questions, email [email protected].