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Family Affair - Holliston Mom and Brother to Run Boston Marathon in Memory of Timmy O’Connell

On Monday, April 15, Brendan and Joanne O’Connell will run the iconic Boston Marathon route in memory and in honor of Tim O’Connell, Brendan’s brother and Joanne’s son.  


Tim died of acute myeloid leukemia in 2008.  This will be Brendan’s first full marathon and Joanne’s 11th marathon, the 10th time she will be running the Boston Marathon.  In addition, Kaylee Osterberger from Iowa, who qualified for Boston at the Duluth Minnesota Marathon, will run for the Timothy O’Connell Foundation.
You can support Brendan’s, Joanne’s, and Kaylee’s runs and all the good works of the Timothy O’Connell Foundation at  Go to the EVENTS tab and click on the Boston Marathon, where you will find bios and links.  As Joanne stresses, “All dollars donated make a difference.  The Timothy O’Connell Foundation donates all money raised to cancer-related causes, fulfilling the mission of the Foundation.”  
Following Tim’s specific wishes, the Foundation continues its support of Make-A-Wish.  Tim and his family experienced the joy of a Make-A-Wish trip in December of 2007, to Disney World.  Also following Tim’s specific wishes, the Foundation supports the Just For Sibs Program at Children’s Hospital Boston.  The Just For Sibs Program supported Tim’s brothers - Brendan, Matt, and Chris - during Tim’s illness.  “Tim understood the great impact of that support for his brothers and for the siblings of other sick children,” says Joanne.    
The Foundation also continues its financial support of a research project named for Tim at the University of Minnesota.  Tim’s oncologist at Children’s Hospital Boston, Doctor Peter Gordon, is now at the University of Minnesota.  He is studying the FLT-3 mutation that so impacted the course of Tim’s cancer.  The Foundation continues to support the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, as well.  Tim was the recipient of an almost perfectly matched bone marrow donation from a stranger.     
The Foundation takes great pride in its Scholarship Program.  To date, nearly $160,000 has been donated to dozens of Holliston high school students who plan to study in health-related fields.  “We are thrilled to help students become doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, researchers, and other caregivers.  It is an honor to be able to give back to the community in this way,” says Joanne.

The Timothy O’Connell Foundation has raised $1.3 million dollars over the last 15 years, all of which has gone directly to support the Foundation’s goals.  Please consider helping further the mission of the Foundation by making a donation in support of this year’s Marathoners at