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Renting Out Your Vacation Home is a Breeze With The 5 Star Co-Host

Dave and Kim Menapace help other vacation home owners make the most of their short term rental offerings

By Linda Chuss

Have you ever considered, even daydreamed about, having or investing in a vacation home you could rent out? But did you then become daunted by how to keep it safe and rented out when you were not around? Or maybe you already have your own place to escape to but feel managing the guest rental process is overwhelming or unrewarding. That’s where The 5 Star Co-Host comes in – helping people establish or elevate the performance of their own short-term rental vacation properties.

Based out of Holliston, longtime residents Kim and Dave Menapace founded The 5 Star Co-Host. With the team they built, they not only manage vacation rentals for other owners but also offer related consulting services. “We started the business after learning through the experience of renting out our own Cape Cod beach cottage and Maine ski house,” said Kim. “Some people we know here in town and where our properties are share the concerns we learned to handle, so we saw a niche where we could help. We’ve worked hard to become top notch and continue attending training sessions as well as network in the short-term rental community. Other owners can expedite their learning from our expertise.”

“We’re passionate about creating amazing vacations for guests, giving them a space for lifelong memories to happen,” Dave said. “Some people even get engaged or married at our properties. Reading the guest reviews is extremely fulfilling. They say directly or indirectly it’s evident how much The 5 Star Co-Host cares.”

Kim added, “We’re also committed to providing a hassle-free and rewarding result for owners we work with. The owners want to provide a good experience to their renters, but some are just busy. Our property management business lets them benefit from their investment without putting in all the time it takes to communicate with guests, coordinate cleaners, replenish supplies, and more. This is a boutique business for us though, as we only manage select vacation properties in our existing markets: Massachusetts or Maine.

“Some owners want to remain hands on but reduce the time required, or make it more worthwhile. Our consulting practice is geared to them. We help them build or improve their listings, strategize on pricing, obtain compelling photos, and facilitate the use of tools like Wi-Fi locks, virtual welcome guides, and automated guest messaging. In refining their processes, they gain confidence.”

“Owners around the country have responded enthusiastically to us as coaches,” Dave noted. “People hear about us from referrals, and from the ‘Hassle Free RE’ podcast we host as well as our new ‘STR Success’ live-streaming sessions on Facebook. Or they know us from our books, ‘Creating a Life of Abundance’ and ‘Hospitable Hosts 2’.”

The Menapace’s stay on top of developments in the industry to benefit their clients. “Local vacation travel has slowed, coming off historic highs during the pandemic,” Kim said. “We help owners adjust to continue having a top-producing rental. Another area we keep a pulse on is regulations for short-term rentals and provide guidance to navigate through that.”

To anyone with an existing second home who wants to do more with it, contact The 5 Star Co-Host to explore your options. For those considering acquiring a vacation home to rent out, Dave shared, “We can help as you get started so you can achieve your goals.” The hurdles may be unfamiliar to a new owner, but with advice from the experts at The 5 Star Co-Host, they are readily manageable.

For more information, see and use the Contact Us page to reach them. To get tips and learn more from discussions, on Instagram follow @dave_menapace, or on
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