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Welcome Home

There was a special celebration in town earlier this year. 

Habitat for Humanity dedicated a new house for Rebecca— one that is a safe and affordable single- family home.

Rebecca, a single mom, and her two teenage daughters, Sarah and Kate, recently moved into the home. 

Rebecca has lived in the town of Holliston since 2000 where her daughters have grown up and attended Holliston Public Schools. When the girls were little, it was very hard to secure housing that she could afford, and simultaneously pay for childcare. After a string of several severe hardships, her housing situation became unstable and financially unattainable. Her family lived in a home owned by her brother. 

Due to work relocation and financial commitments, however, he needed to sell the home and Rebecca had to seek alternate housing. This left Rebecca nervous and vulnerable, as she knew there was limited affordable housing in Holliston, the town she and her daughters called home for over 20 years.

Rebecca was thrilled when she found out her family was chosen to live in the affordable single-family Habitat home in Holliston. It meant that she could continue to provide for her daughters in the town where they spent all of their formative years. It is a town they love andin which they feel supported.

During the move-in event, a ceremonial key passing took place, and light refreshments were available. Among those who were present, and spoke, were Debbie Maruca Hoak, Executive Director, State Rep. James Arena-DeRosa, Bryan Clancy, President, Holliston Housing Trust, and Board President, Julie Davenport. The homeowner, Rebecca, who has moved into the home with her daughters, also spoke.