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The b.LUXE beauty beat

By Gina Woelfel

Even though “squeeze” is not our preferred term at b.LUXE to describe how we work your appointment into our schedule; it is what we do. “Squeeze” may imply that your appointment is rushed or lacks attention to detail, but that’s never the case. We understand how important your hair is to your self-confidence and know that you want to look and feel your best. 


Clients often wait to book an appointment because they’re uncertain about their schedules or when their hair needs servicing. These are entirely valid reasons to delay booking. However, if you need a last-minute appointment, stylists often book out weeks in advance, and it can be challenging to find larger blocks of time for colors and cuts. 

As much as we’d like to wave a magic wand and create your desired appointment, it may not be possible with your regular hair stylist. But fret not! With our creative scheduling, we can slide you into our rotation with the same high-quality service, regardless of your last-minute booking.  

At b.LUXE, our stylists are categorized into four levels: training stylists, junior stylists, stylists, and senior stylists. If you’re unable to book an appointment with your regular provider, there’s no need to worry. You can always choose to receive services from another stylist without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, we encourage it!  We believe in working together as a team and never refer to clients as “mine” or “yours,” only “ours.” If you have to book with someone else or even a hairdresser who’s at a different level, our junior staff works under the supervision of our senior stylists. They’ll have all the details from your last visit, which we meticulously record every time you have your hair done. So, if you’re flexible with whose chair you sit in, we can easily fit you in.

b.LUXE offers the most comprehensive educational experience to graduates and students close to completing their cosmetology studies in Massachusetts. Every Monday, we provide hands-on education in the salon to ensure that our assistants receive practical training to get them on the floor as soon as possible. Our experienced senior staff supervises the assistants and trains them in the most cutting-edge techniques in the industry. We believe in providing a complete beauty experience to our junior team members, which includes assisting our stylists with their scheduled clients. This symbiotic relationship expands our availability and allows our more experienced staff to get you into their chair while passing on their knowledge and skills to the assistants.

We can also offer you two separate appointments with two different stylists on the same day or, if needed, on two separate days. This flexibility is particularly helpful for important occasions when two mini-appointments are the perfect solution. We maintain an active waitlist and cancellation list that are updated daily, so it’s essential that we have your most up-to-date contact information on file. 

What we hope you take away from this month’s Beauty Beat is that with a little bit of communication and some flexibility, we can help you get your hair done and love how it looks!

We are delighted to share that our studio has had its most successful year to date in 2023, and we cannot wait to reveal what we have in store for you in next month’s Beauty Beat (It’s Galentine’s Day!!!) We owe our success to our amazing clients and readers who have always supported us, and we hope to give back to you even more in 2024!

Happy New Year!

The b.LUXE Beauty Team


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