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Reception for Artist’s

On Nov. 4, an artist’s reception was held for the Nemasket Plein Air Festival at Tru Grit Gallery in Middleboro, where local Holliston plein air painter, Obie Miller was awarded the blue ribbon for first place honors for his painting entitled, “Hometown Heroes”.


The judge, Peter Damon, co-owner of the gallery wrote “Now some may be cynically thinking that the judge, being a disabled veteran, chose this painting as the first-place winner for its patriotic imagery.  Admittedly, they would be partly correct, though not for the aforementioned context. I chose this painting for the lively play of light and shadow as well as for its strong directional element, leading the viewer’s eye to the two main events in my opinion-those being the brightly lit, red brick of the building and the waving flags. These two subjects compete for top billing and it’s hard for me to choose which I find most appealing.  That brick-red contrasts so nicely with the greens of the aged copper flashing of the building and the energetic brushwork brings the waving flags, and indeed the whole scene to life.  Lastly, the artist chose a scene that I thought had really encapsulated the spirit of this town.”

Obie lives in Holliston with his wife and son. He enjoys painting outdoors in nature and capturing fleeting moments with each brush stroke. Please visit the artist’s website to view local works or visit the Sherborn Library, where many of his local paintings are currently on display. Commissioned paintings are another option and make a wonderful holiday gift.