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Town Meeting passes all articles except one to install temporary signalization at Whitney and Washington Streets

Citizens’ petition opposed to pipe gate on Lowland Street also passed
By Theresa Knapp
On Oct. 16, Holliston voters held a Fall Town Meeting at which all articles passed with one exception: a request for temporary signalization of Whitney Street at Washington Street (near Creative Playthings on Route 16). During a 40-minute discussion, residents agreed that current traffic is a problem but expressed concern that adding more signalization will only compound the problem.

Below are the articles with a general description and whether the article passed or failed. The detailed warrant can be found at
1.    General Stabilization Fund (Transfer to Fund, $250,000) - passed
2.    Pension Stabilization Fund (Transfer to Fund, $250,000) - passed
3.    Capital Expenditure Fund (Transfer to Fund, $250,000) - passed
4.     Capital Budget ($1,260,800) - passed
5.     Sidewalk and Ramp Repairs & Reconstruction (Year 2, $900,000) - passed
6. Temporary Signalization of Whitney Street at Washington Street ($150,000) - after 40-minute discussion, FAILED: 89 in favor, 145 opposed
7.     Establish Opioid Settlement Stabilization Account - passed
8.     Opioid Settlement Stabilization Account (grant transfer to newly-established fund, $61,500) - passed
9.    Envisioning Future Holliston Presentation of Town-Wide Strategic Plan - presentation only, no vote taken

10.    Architectural and Conceptual Design of Senior Center Improvements ($25,000) - passed
11.    Community Preservation Committee ($14,325 total); repair/repainting of the ell of the Asa Whiting House ($11,000), and partial repairs to cornice/soffit of the Historical Society barn ($3,325) - passed
12.    Historic Commission Survey & Planning Grant Match ($15,000) - passed
13.    Transfer to EV Charging Revolving Fund ($10,000) - passed
14.    Tree Bylaw (General Bylaw) - passed
15.    MBTA Zoning & Mapping, Professional Services (unfunded mandate, $50,000) - passed
16.    Town Zoning Map Adoption - passed
17.    Conveyance of Land of Low Municipal Value (15 Winthrop Street, to correct long standing lot line conflicts) - passed
18     All-Alcohol Liquor License (Special Legislation by petition, for Central Cafe & Convenience, 92-94 Central St.) - passed
19.    Lowland Street Citizens’ Petition (to advise the Select Board that the citizens of Holliston do not support the installation of a locking pipe gate or any barrier intended to restrict vehicular traffic in any capacity at any point along Lowland Street) - after a nearly-one-hour presentation, passed: 126 in favor, 59 opposed (non-binding)
Also on the warrant was a 15-minute informational presentation by Envisioning Future Holliston.  
To watch the recording of the meeting, visit