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Holliston Stories now accepting audio submissions in celebration of its 300th anniversary

By Theresa Knapp
Organizers received many submissions for the to-be-printed version of “Holliston Stories,” a book in celebration of the town’s 300th anniversary (est. Dec. 3, 1724), and they are now seeking audiovisual submissions for a website that will commemorate the event. 
“We received a lot of material; we’re chockablock full,” says Mary Greendale, one of the project organizers. “The goal now is to post on the website whatever we’re not using in the book [yet to be determined] and what we get over the next year.” 
Submissions could include photographs, old movies, audio files, etc.  
“We already have some oral histories, that have been done over the years, with veterans and school-aged kids; those will be on the website,” says Greendale. “We’re also going to scan and upload all histories that have ever been done, so it’s kind of like ‘one-stop shopping’ for anyone who is interested in genealogy or has an interest in the community, etc.” 
Greendale says the website will also reflect any of the 300th events that take place in 2024. 
“Whatever the committees do for the events will be on the website which will then go live sometime in 2025, at which point it will be a static website the town will maintain.” 
Greendale says the printed book is scheduled to launch in April and will include stories, photos, poems, artwork, newsclips, and much more. 
“We’ve got a pretty big cross-section of materials. We have family histories, neighborhood histories, tons of material on former residents who went on to become artists, politicians, etc.,” says Greendale. “It will be very much a compilation of graphics and pictures and materials and sidebars and boxes…We’re hoping it’s going to be very visually attractive and inviting, and the material will be informative even in small batches, so even if you can pick it up for just five minutes, you can learn something.” 
For more information on the Holliston Stories project, visit For information on the 300th celebration, visit (“300th Anniversary” tab).