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We have a job for you- with a SIGN ON BONUS!

Write your article here..Finding a job, you love is no easy feat, but if you ask the people who work at the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, they’ve found purpose with their employment and you can too!


MWRTA serves 16 communities in the Greater Boston area. If a person isn’t taking the “T” but uses public transportation, they’re riding with the MWRTA.

Why would you want to drive for the MWRTA? There are a plethora of reasons! For starters, there’s a $2000.00 sign on bonus, a 401k, and paid vacations. Health insurance and dental coverage is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. And if you need flexibility in your schedule, this is the place to find it.

Driving for the MWRTA allows you to work part or full time. You can be a demand response driver, assisting the elderly and people with disabilities, or, if it better suits your needs, you can drive a fixed route to different stops throughout your shift. If you don’t have a class C CDL, worry not, as you can get hired with just a regular driver’s license. Then, instead of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for a CDL, MWRTA will pay to train you while you spend nothing. That’s right, you’ll get paid for something you would normally have to pay for!

If you’re seeking employment within a company that cares, MWRTA is the place you’re looking for. Helping people is their number one priority. Whether it’s getting folks to and from work, or transporting them to life-saving medical appointments, you’d be making connections that will leave you feeling fulfilled every day.

MWRTA values diversity, both in the people they employ and those they serve. Their goal is to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and accepted. So, whether you’re a retiree looking for a new career, or you’re sick of commuting on the Mass Pike, MWRTA offers a professional and fulfilling work environment. There is room for growth and advancement opportunities and a flexible schedule along with a great benefits package.

For more information on how to drive for the MWRTA, please check out the website at, call (508) 935-2222 or email [email protected]