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Fire Chief Takes To The Community

Thanks to Holliston Community Children’s Center for inviting fire chief Michael Cassidy in to speak with their Pre-K class. The students are currently doing a unit on clothing. Part of the unit looks at the uniforms that people wear to do their work, and their utility. 
The Chief stopped by the early childhood education program last month, to demonstrate the structural firefighting ensemble used by firefighters. He explained each piece of personal protective equipment, and then slowly and systematically put on the gear. After he had taken off the gear, he laid it out on the floor in front of the students so they could closely examine it.
Building on prior lessons, he reminded the students that firefighters are community helpers, who use special clothes to perform specific job functions. 
Before he finished his visit, the students had an opportunity for Q&A. They asked some insightful questions about the gear, including “is it hot,” “is it heavy,” and “does your tie get stuck to the Velcro?” According to The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), when we ask children questions - especially big, open-ended questions - we support their language development and critical thinking.

Courtesy Photos, Holliston Fire Department Facebook Page