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b.LUXE Visits Mexico for 5th Scholarship Trip

By Gina Woelfel
We’re back from our trip to visit our sister school, The Martello Instituto de Belleza in Cancun, Mexico, a cosmetology academy owned by Cinthia Martello! Fourteen of the b.LUXE team made the trip this year and, as always, Cinthia and her students treated us like family and welcomed us with warmth and excitement! We toured the school, met the students, and saw the amazing work they’ve been doing there. It’s always so exciting to see the progress the students have made. 
We’ve now visited The Martello Institute five times, and each visit is just as rewarding!  It’s no surprise that The Martello Institute holds a special place in our hearts. Thanks to Heather Cohen’s initiative in 2016, b.LUXE employees have had a chance to give back through philanthropy - perfectly encapsulating our workplace values of community outreach and generosity at its very core. 


We believe that education is paramount for personal growth and the key to unlocking a better future. We’re so excited to be part of that journey for so many of these students. To date, b.LUXE has given 13 individuals the gift of a beauty career, and is honored to provide some of the resources and professional training necessary to make their dreams a reality. 

This was one of our largest salon groups to travel to Mexico and we decided to teach a class on hair extensions. We brought enough supplies to provide all 18 students with an amazing swag bag that included flat irons, professional hair care products, makeup and styling tools.


 To give our class an extra boost, Heather treated them to a complete hair extension kit from Bellami Hair with enough supplies for the entire class to master the cutting-edge trends of the hair extension industry. Our trip was made all the more remarkable thanks to the generous support of Masello Salon Services, Goldwell and J Beverly Hills - three distributors who we are forever grateful for!
Our holiday had it all - beautiful beaches, delicious meals and time to relax, unwind and reconnect.  It was the perfect blend of business and pleasure with days spent laughing ‘til we could laugh no more and every step on the warm, soft sand reminding us how lucky we are to work side-by-side each day. 
Our travels together proved the strength of friendship - how it can solidify us on our path and encourage great accomplishments. It’s a lesson in both personal relationships and professional pursuits that will stay with us forever. 


We’re counting down the days till we see our Martello sisters next year! Their welcoming spirit and kind-hearted nature was a blessing we won’t soon forget
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