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Congratulations To Retiring Firefighters

Congratulations to Jim Moore, who retires today after 37 years, 9 months, and 22 days with the Holliston Fire Department. During his lengthy career with our department, he quickly rose through the ranks of the suppression force, and was subsequently promoted from Engine 1 Captain to Deputy Chief / EMS Supervisor on January 1, 2001. 
As an EMT, he treated and transported numerous patients to local hospitals. As a crew chief and duty officer, he ensured the appropriate resources were used to manage emergency incidents. He oversaw members of our department assigned to the annual Boston Marathon detail in Hopkinton. He represented the department at numerous award ceremonies, and coordinated the annual “Fill the Boot” voluntary toll road for Muscular Dystrophy Association at Rossini Corner every August. 
Jim mentored numerous members of the department, and was always willing to cover for another officer, or answer a question about something they had not previously encountered. He worked collaboratively with other town departments, and from time to time would serve as department spokesperson to the media. 
Congratulations on a truly deserved retirement, Deputy. You have given your all in the service of others. It’s your time to rest and relax now. Enjoy your Florida vacation.
Congratulations to the long-time members of the Holliston Fire Department who retired as firefighters on Feb. 1, after more than 185 years of combined service!
We offer our heartfelt wishes to Fred, Bob, Gregg, Phil, and Jimmy on your retirements. You have worked so hard to earn this milestone. May this new journey refresh and strengthen you. 
We would also like to express our thanks to their families who have shared them with us over the decades; often sacrificing precious family time as these firefighters trained and responded to emergencies during nights, weekend, holidays, and other milestones.

Thank you for your legacy of faithful service to Holliston, gentlemen!

Courtesy photos, Holliston, Fire Department Facebook page