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St. Mary’s of Holliston Hosts 13th Annual Youth Basketball Free Throw Competition

On Saturday, Jan. 28, St. Mary’s of Holliston Knights of Columbus Council 14224 held their 13th annual Basketball Free Throw Competition at the Holliston High School gym.  
All boys and girls from ages 9 through 14 were eligible to compete, and 54 boys and girls entered this year’s event.  
They all put on a dazzling display of shooting skills in vying to win their age group for this event. The competition was strong at every age level. After six hours of competing, the winners were decided, and those boys and girls have qualified for the District Competition coming up shortly.  
Winners there will proceed to the Regional Competition at Nichols College in March, with the regional winners qualifying for the State Regional Competition in April.  
The Holliston winners were recognized by the KofC Council at a ceremony at St. Mary’s in February. They received certificates and trophies and had a party with their families attending the celebration.
This year’s winners in each category were:
• 9-Year-Old Boys - William Finneran
• 9-Year-Old Girls - Briana Cooper
• 10-Year-Old Boys - Joseph Lawendi
• 10-Year-Old Girls - Danika Rosario
• 11-Year-Old Boys - Leonardo DeFazio
• 11-Year-Old Girls - Mackenzie McDonald
• 12-Year-Old Boys - Chris Baker
• 12-Year-Old Girls - Olivia Kerchner
• 13-Year-Old Boys - Colin Doherty
• 13-Year-Old Girls - Mia Saletra
• 14-Year-Old Boys - Jack McDonald
• 14-Year-Old Girls - Katie Joslin 
Don Marden, Council Director of Youth Activities for St. Mary’s KofC, said this year’s competition was among the best he has ever seen. He praised all the competitors and hopes to see them again at next year’s event.
The Council members applauded all the winners at the celebration and thanked their parents for encouraging the boys and girls to participate.  
Now – on to the District Competition!