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How To Refinish Old Tile in Your Bathroom

John Szolomayer

 Tile goes in and out of style like anything else, and you may find yourself cringing every time you look at your bathroom floor or shower walls. Still, retiling the bathroom gets put off because it can be expensive to remodel an entire bath. There is another solution because there are plenty of products available to help you refinish old tile in your bathroom to give it a fresh, new look. Painting over tile can transform its look with dramatic results. Here’s how to proceed.
Plan the time frame
Refreshing your tile can take multiple days, so make sure you have somewhere other than your bathroom to take a shower in the meantime. Schedule the maintenance, being sure to build in extra time for potential problems to arise.

Choose the right supplies
The next step is to pick the paint product for your tile. There are multiple options on the market now, so definitely check with retailers to learn more about meeting your specific needs. Be sure to get brushes, rollers, trays and any other tools you need.
Clean and prep the tile
This is very important because your tile will need to be cleaned thoroughly and properly. The paint you choose will likely have instructions on how to prep the surface for the best results. Use the right cleanser, and do not cut corners.
Follow the directions
Next, follow the directions on the product to paint over any tile in your bathroom. Be sure to properly ventilate the area, and wear a mask to keep from breathing in fumes or other dangerous materials.
Leave time to cure
Be sure that you allow the paint enough time to cure before you use the shower. Running water on the tiles too soon can cause more significant problems and set you back to square one in the process.
Are you ready to tackle a bathroom renovation project?  
Information provided by John Szolomayer, RE/MAX Executive Realty. For more information, John Szolomayer can be reached at 508-259-4788 or
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