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Community Ties and a Commitment to Customer Service: Affordable Junk Removal

There are plenty of reasons to call a junk removal service. Maybe you’re planning to move and need to clear out the basement and attic before your open house. Maybe you’ve spent way too much time at home lately and are feeling the need to declutter.
But figuring out who to call can be a pain. If you contact one of the big haulers, they route you to a phone center where they’ve never even heard of your town, plus their pricing seems vague and full of extra fees. No wonder you’ve let the stuff pile up—it’s too much of a hassle to get rid of it!
Or you can call Affordable Junk Removal and let a local small business with deep community roots take care of everything.
Jay Schadler started his business in 2003. Back then, it was just him and a beat-up pickup truck taking small jobs and working nights and weekends when he could. As the years rolled on, his business grew, but his commitment to customer service never wavered. Now he’s got a staff of ten, along with ten trucks, servicing eastern and central Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.
Affordable Junk Removal specializes in house and estate cleanouts. If your garage, attic, or office is overflowing with stuff, take back your space and let the pros do the heavy lifting.
Jay and his team have handled it all. They’ve dismantled above-ground pools, hauled away ancient hot tubs, taken down old fencing, and stripped away worn carpeting. They’ll come for a single item, or they’ll clean out an entire house. And they can take almost anything. They can’t accept hazardous materials, brush, dirt, or concrete, but everything else is fair game for them to take away.
Not everything ends up in a landfill—not if Jay can help it. He first tries to either recycle or donate items. Only after he tries to repurpose items do they end up at the transfer station.
Working with Affordable Junk Removal is simple. First, you can load stuff yourself if you want by renting a 15-cubic-yard dumpster for a week and chucking up to a ton of your unwanted stuff. If you need to get rid of more weight, then Jay prorates that tonnage—you never pay for what you don’t use.
If you don’t want to be bothered with the dumpster, they’ve also got a driveway special where they’ll take away a truckload of your unwanted things if you pile it up. Or if you don’t want to lift a finger, then you can point at the items, and the team will fill up their truck and haul away your unwanted things. However you do it, you’re left with more space and more peace of mind.
Jay and his team beat the big waste haulers on both price and customer service. When you call Affordable Junk Removal, you aren’t connected to an anonymous call center. Your phone call goes right to Jay.
And speaking of pricing, Jay is upfront about it. His website shows the truck sizes and prices, so you can save time knowing your costs before you call for an appointment. There aren’t any hidden costs or surprise fees with Affordable Junk Removal.
Affordable Junk Removal is fully licensed and fully insured, and they’ll treat your property with care and respect.
They also have a thriving commercial business, working with contractors and roofers to clear away debris and keep the job site clean. They can even handle commercial and residential emergencies with same-day service.
Jay and his family are deeply involved in the community. He and his wife, Christine, run the Corner Market restaurant in Holliston as well as Resellables, a thrift store in Bellingham. It’s not uncommon for someone to reach Jay at the restaurant, order a sandwich, and then schedule a junk removal appointment. Yes, the local small business really can handle everything!
For more information, contact Jay Schadler at (774) 287-1133 or visit Affordable Junk Removal online at