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Delicious, Potable Water – Anyplace, Anytime: Toppen Health’s Ultra Filtering Water Bottle

One thing we all have in common is we cannot survive without water. Water makes up the vast majority of the human body, so having clean healthy drinking water is not only something we want, it is something we all need. In today’s world, bottled water from the store or filtering pitchers tend to be our main water supply, since tap water more often than not smells funny and tastes worst.   


Most people do not realize, bottled water is mostly unregulated. EPA regulation is limited only requiring a company to list the water source on the label. Store-bought bottled water varies by brand in pH, metal content and a host of other inconsistencies. Add the environmental impact of throwing away over a billion plastic bottles a day around the world, store bought water is costly, water quality can be inconsistent and the waste significantly impacts the environment.  
Well, there is a better way. Toppen Health’s Ultra Filtering Water Bottle, a reusable water bottle with a unique patented and proprietary filtering technology, is capable of removing 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.9999% of virus and PFAS/PFOS from water. As one of the world’s most powerful filters, Ultra produces healthy great tasting water, free from bacteria and viruses from the tap, stream, river or even lake water. Traveling to Mexico? Ultra’s Filtering Water Bottle is your best travel companion. Use Ultra Filtering Water Bottle and drink from any tap in the world. Ultra is awesome for hiking and camping and everyday walk-around use.
Two of the principle founders of Toppen Health, Owen Boyd and Al Dubé, each with roots in Holliston, have significant water treatment experience. Their combined vision for Toppen Health goes beyond providing safe and healthy water. Clean healthy water is a challenge all over the world. One of the major contributors to child deaths around the world is the lack of clean healthy drinking water. Toppen Health’s philosophy is about reaching beyond ourselves –our goal is to leave the world a better place than were we found it. It is our intention for every two bottles we sell, Toppen will donate Ultra Filtering Water Bottles to children and families around the world who do not have healthy water to drink.     
Owen Boyd, whose incredible decades-long career includes winning a US EPA Innovator Award from water treatment technology and an award for developing innovation technology in Bangladesh, states, “After decades of water treatment experience, the Toppen Ultra Filtration Technology is the most exciting water treatment advancement in my career. Superior high efficiency with low back pressure (gravity flow) flexible to create filtration for a residential and commercial markets and compact enough to take filtration with you in a water bottle when you leave the house.  
Toppen Health’s Ultra Filtered Water Bottle filtration technology is also utilized within Ultra Under the Sink/Ultra Refrigerator filters for homeowners or apartment dwellers. Toppen products include UltraSafe Whole House Systems designed to provide healthy and clean water for the entire house. No more chlorine smelly, unhealthy water to drink or shower in. Toppen’s Ultra water filtration does not require electricity or backwashing, saving money on electricity and excess wastewater. Ultra filtration removes bacteria, virus, PFAS and reduces heavy metals and other contaminants.  
The Ultra Filtration Water Bottle are currently available at Fiske’s General Store and Holliston Hardware in Holliston, and the Natick Outdoor Store. You can also purchase the Ultra Filtering Water Bottle, Ultra Faucet and Ultra Whole House water systems and more at