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The b.LUXE beauty beat GIFTING: 3 RULES TO SHOP BY

By Gina Woelfel
Good gift-giving is an art!
There’s nothing like watching someone light up with joy when they open your gift! The perfect present can lift your mood, strengthen a relationship and even leave you feeling happier and healthier. Gift giving releases the “feel good” chemicals in your brain for an instantaneous mood-boost. Maybe that’s why we feel so good around the holidays? 
A gift can be many things and doesn’t need to be big or expensive to be amazing. Giving with intent and keeping your gift choices relevant says “I see you” and “you’re worth it”. When we take the time to emotionally customize gift-giving it speaks volumes to its recipient and makes even the smallest gestures feel incredibly thoughtful. 
Themes are a wonderful way to personalize a gift. A theme encourages you to think about who you’re gifting and what they’d love to receive. You can choose a spa package and candle for a friend who needs a little “me-time” or how about a gourmet cooking basket of spices and specialty foods for your sister who loves to cook? There’s a theme for everyone on your list!
Let’s face it, gone are the days when Black Friday opened the holiday shopping season. The retail madness starts the day after Halloween and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of holiday sales. With a little planning, though, you can manage this chaos like a boss and curate some amazing gifts with minimal (or at least enjoyable) in-person and online shopping. 
Gifting: 101
Make a list and check it twice!
Break it down by order of importance. You’ll have your first tier recipients like family and friends whose gifts you’ll need to give the most thought to. It’s important to consider their personalities, hobbies, and pastimes when choosing their gifts. Keeping it personal and recipient specific makes both you, the giver, and the receiver very merry! Your next tier of gifts will be for the people in your life who support, service, educate and soothe you. Now, you probably don’t know your mailman or your kid’s teachers well enough to know their hobbies, but the holidays are an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation and an end-of-year gift certificate or tip is the perfect way to say thank you. Most of your favorite stores, salons and restaurants now offer gift cards online, so take advantage of this convenience! Light a fire, pour a glass of wine and with just a few clicks, your gift card shopping will be done and you can enjoy some holiday downtime! 
Budget, budget, budget!
Nothing will ruin your holiday spirit more than stressing over your bank account!  Keep things simple, know what you can spend and find ways to keep your purchases within those parameters. Sometimes, we may feel pressured to splurge beyond our means, forgetting that homemade and smaller gifts are just as special. Giving a $5 Starbucks card might feel insignificant to you, but the gift of an afternoon coffee might be exactly the break someone needs. No gift is EVER too small when it’s given with gratitude. Even a small bobble or stocking stuffer is a treasure when paired with a thoughtful card.  And now in the time of texts and tweets, your hand-written words are more meaningful than ever. 
Always remember to treat yourself!
There’s no one who works harder than you to plan the perfect holiday. You’ve got this!  So, stop, take a breath and give yourself the gift of grace (and maybe a spa facial package, too!) 
b.LUXE is here to make your holiday shopping easier than ever with our huge selection of spa and beauty gifts!
We’ve also put together two specially priced spa packages that can be purchased online and delivered via email or purchased in person at the studio. 
• Scalp Spa Package $100 - $120 value
• Facial Package only $150 - $195 value 
Both are relaxing and rejuvenating. 
Want to give the gift of healthy hair? Grab a b.LUXE Holiday Hygge Box!  It includes our nourishing BEFORE Oil, a super absorbent, eco-friendly hair wrap, a scalp massaging brush and a wide-toothed, static-free comb. It’s only $100 and can be shipped anywhere in the US for $10.
If you’re shopping on a budget, remember, it’s the thought that counts! Our signature lip gloss trios, hair accessories, Soi brand soy candles and smaller retail items make lovely gifts, too! 
And if you’re not sure what to give, pick up a b.LUXE gift card!! 
As we close out 2022, The b.LUXE family would like to wish you all peace, love and so much joy!  We’re truly blessed with this amazing community and hope the warmth of family, friends and festivities brings you all a well deserved and magical holiday season. 
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