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History Mystery Rallye

Think you know all about Holliston? Do you know some of the “hidden in plain sight” facts of Holliston’s past?  
St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Council will host a Friends & Family History Mystery Rallye on Sunday, Oct. 9, at 2 PM.  
Join your family, friends, and a few strangers competing on a mystery tour of Holliston to discover little known facts about our town, win prizes, and support local charities. What could be better than that?
Registration for this fun event will be $15 per car prior to the day of the Rallye, and $20 on the day of the event.  
Starting at St. Mary’s Church parking lot, you’ll need a car, driver, and at least one navigator to follow the map directions to various sites around town for about 35 minutes. 
The rallye ends where it started and participants will turn in their findings and enjoy games, snacks, and conversation about what “new” history they discovered on their quest. When the reports are tallied, winners will be announced and prizes awarded.  
To pre-register, send your name, address, and check payable to KofC #14224 to Tom Anguish, 542 Winter St., Holliston, MA 01746.
While the results are being tallied, the knights will also be drawing the winning tickets from their 14th Annual Charity Raffle which concludes at the end of September. They have presented over $260,000 to charitable organizations so far, and this year’s raffle will add to that total.  There will be five winning cash prizes from $100 to $1,000. You could also be a winner in this event if you have a ticket. 
They’ll be selling tickets at Celebrate Holliston in September.  You’re already a winner in the eyes of the food pantries, veterans’ organizations, the Senior Center, and others receiving the council’s donations.
So, two big fun events!  First event: buy your raffle tickets to help others and possibly win a prize.  Second event: and head to St. Mary’s Church parking lot on Oct. 9 for an enjoyable history-mystery road rallye!