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Under Pressure gets homes ready for the holiday season

By Christie Vogt

Contributing Writer

 In anticipation of fall bonfires, winter holiday gatherings and cold weather challenges, exterior cleaning company Under Pressure is busy preparing and sprucing up homes for the season. “The work we do is like a tune-up of the house from top to bottom, from roofs to gutters to windows to patios,” says owner Mark Mercer. “We’re helping people to love their home again, especially around the holidays, and to refocus attention on the importance of the health of a house.”

Mercer says that cleaning exteriors in late summer and early fall is an optimal time because houses stay cleaner for longer due to less pollen, landscaping debris and humidity-induced mildew. Under Pressure is also able to wash surfaces later in the year — even as temperatures drop to the 30s — thanks to water heating mechanisms in its trucks. “Winter is long, and homeowners should be asking themselves at this time whether their house is prepared for the changing weather ahead,” Mercer says.

In addition to washing, Under Pressure offers shrink-wrapping to protect outdoor furniture, water features, garden monuments and other items that need to be shielded from the elements. “Shrink-wrapping is a great alternative to covering things with weatherproof fabric, which often gets chewed through by critters,” Mercer says. “Shrink-wrapping also saves space because we can push everything into one tight bundle in your yard rather than having your patio furniture take up square footage in your garage or basement.”

Under Pressure also offers safe and efficient ice dam and snow removal services. Its gentle but powerful steam method quickly remedies problematic areas on roofs without damaging a home’s structure.

Routine maintenance and cleaning services like these are important, but Under Pressure is also eager to bring a bit of magic to customers this year in the form of custom-designed holiday lighting. “We are really excited about this new offering,” Mercer says. “It’s amazing what you can do with a home nowadays with new light technologies, and customers have been asking us for years for a service like this.”

Under Pressure’s team has gone through weeks of training and safety courses in order to design and install holiday lights that cater to customers’ imaginations. “The designs are only limited by homeowners’ creativity,” Mercer says. The company uses LED lights and can illuminate an entire house with one extension cord and a timer. Homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance or storage either; Under Pressure will take the lights down at the end of the season and store the equipment until homeowners want to reinstall a display in the coming year.

“We can decorate homes for Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years — any winter holiday that people want to celebrate,” Mercer says. “Holiday lighting creates a special feeling; there’s just something about the warmth that it brings to a place.”

To learn more or receive an estimate, visit, call 508-944-6644 or email [email protected].