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Diverse Holliston Meeting Sept. 13

 A war in Ukraine. The roll back of Roe v. Wade. The Uvalde shooting. Did you hear about the proposal by Texas educators to refer to slavery as “involuntary servitude” in Texas Public Schools? There is a strong push in many corners of our country to sanitize American history even more than it already has been. 

Diverse Holliston has been working to encourage and support Holliston Public Schools in updating curriculum to include a full picture of American history, even the parts that don’t make the American government look so hot. If we don’t know the true history, we are bound to repeat it. Indeed, we see that this is true if we are honest with ourselves about the fact that white supremacy and patriarchy still underpin every single aspect of American society.

 Diverse Holliston has also been collaborating with the Envisioning Future Holliston Committee to encourage representation of the interests of Holliston residents who often feel excluded from the power structure in Holliston. One piece that Diverse Holliston is particularly interested in learning more about and sharing is how Holliston became the town that it is today. What happened to the Nipmuc people who lived here before the colonists arrived? How is it that we remain a largely white town? What choices were made along the way as the town developed, that ensured that it would stay effectively segregated? Just as it is true on a national level, if we aren’t honest with ourselves about where we have come, how can we be honest with where we are going? 

Diverse Holliston values making policy and change in Holliston that will support growth of economic, cultural, racial, religious, and queer diversity, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all residents.  

 If you share these sentiments, please join us not just in Facebook and email membership, but by volunteering your time.

 We fight back against systems of oppression by organizing from the grassroots, local level, by changing things piece by piece in our own town. Many of you know, it’s notjust the southern states that have a problem with systemic racism or trans/homophobia. Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, White Nationalism, and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments are alive and growing in all corners of our country.

 If you share the value of making our town and schools more accessible, welcoming, and equitable places for all kinds of people, please demonstrate your support with action. 

 Diverse Holliston has been busy meeting with both town and school representatives this summer and we would like you to save the date for our next Diverse Holliston meeting where we will set goals for this upcoming year for our school and town involvement. There is a lot of work to do, and we would appreciate as much involvement as possible. 

 Please mark your calendars for the next Diverse Holliston meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 7pm, Zoom link will be provided upon RSVP to [email protected]