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Deric Wilson Joins Holliston Public Library As New Director

The Holliston Public Library recently welcomed Deric Wilson to serve as the library director. 
Wilson’s journey to his position as Holliston Public Library director began in the third grade, when he frequently visited his local library and won an award for reading the most books. 
He said, “I realized you can read more books if you went to the library and I hung out there all the way through high school. I became interested in library science because I enjoy literary criticism. A library is a place where you can do literary criticism.” 
Wilson added, “It seems silly to say, but I love the organization of library science. I like making a collection fit together and being able to track where everything goes and doing the data crunching.” 
One change he would like to make in the Holliston Public Library is installing “simpler and more updated” computer systems. 
Wilson added that he would also like to start a science fiction book club, similar to the mystery and history book clubs the Holliston Public Library offers. 
Wilson said libraries are “critical to self improvement and the pursuit of happiness to its people.” 
He said the Holliston Public Library staff has been “very welcoming” and the residents browsing for books have been “extremely friendly.” 
He added, “It’s been a really great experience so far.” 
Karla Alfred, chairperson of the Holliston Library Trustees, said, “We are excited to have Deric as our new director at Holliston Public Library. He brings innovative ideas to help expand the ways we serve our patrons while preserving that which Holliston values most in our library. We are confident that he will help our small and mighty library thrive.”