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A Nice Spin On Tennis: Pickleball Gains Popularity In Hollison

By Caroline Gordon 
In the early mornings, you can find Holliston residents enjoying a game of pickleball at Goodwill Park. 
Mark Frank, director of recreation, said after the high-school tennis season ended, pickleball lines were painted on the tennis court, so Holliston residents would have a spot in town to play. 
He added, he is looking into “longer-term solutions” for a pickleball location for residents to play. 
He said he hopes that when Holliston transitions from the temporary pickleball location, he will see more people trying it. 
Frank explained that the majority of pickleball players are eldery, but it’s an engaging activity for all ages. 
He said, “The one time I tried it was when I got together with the other parks and recreation leaders in the region - it was a lot of fun!” 
Frank added, “It’s a great game and we are excited to grow it here in Holliston.” 
Adam Houk, a resident of Holliston, said he played pickleball when he was younger, noting that he enjoyed the running aspect of the game. 
He added, “It’s a lot like tennis, so it’s easy to understand. You can play with your friends, so that’s always a plus.” 
Sean Canavan, a resident of Holliston, said, “My mom and I play pickleball. I’m not very experienced at it, but I like it. Pickleball is more fast-paced than tennis. It’s a lot of pivoting and stuff and I like that.” 
He added, “It’s a nice spin on tennis!”