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Farmers Market Finds

By Caroline Gordon 
On Sundays from June through October, you can find locals at the Blair Square Farmers Market shopping and mingling with neighbors. 
Bobby Blair, owner of Mayor’s Dahlia Plantation, said he organized the market as an opportunity to sell dahlias. 


Blair added the market is important for the Holliston community as it allows the vendors to “get out from behind their farms and talk to people.” 


Eva Bergaloff, a resident of Holliston, said she attended the market to advertise the clothes she designs and the raw drinks she concocts at home. 
She said, “I take a lot of pride in the flavor of the drinks and how good they are for you.” 
Bergaloff added, “The main goal I have for being here today is to spread positivity about physical health and the earth’s health.” 
Ashley Eakins, a resident of Framingham, attended to promote products from ethically sourced, handmade, women-owned businesses from Purely You Aesthetic Boutique, where she works as the spa manager. 
She said, “Farmers markets are important because they bring local people back into local business.” 
Laura Robbins, owner of Wild Robbins Farm in Sherborn, attended the market to advertise the meat from her farm. 
Robbins said the farmers market is crucial for gaining business as not all customers can travel to her farm to learn about her produce. 
She explained the meat from her farm is healthier than store-bought meat because of how her animals are cared for. “Our philosophy is we like to raise as sustainably and organically raised meat as possible. We don’t have an organic certification, but we do value animals that are raised outside in an environment they are happy in,” she said. 
She added, “As a farmer, I believe all food is good food - eating is the best possible thing.”