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Pride Picnic Returns

For the second year in a row, Diverse Holliston held a Pride picnic with good turnout.
According to Barbara Fritts Worby, one of the organizers, about 50 people turned out for the afternoon.
“We had about 50 people attend in total. People were in and out all afternoon. It was very casual, people socialized and kids swam. I made some opening remarks. HCAT interviewed various families with their permission. I had a table out front with books for all ages covering LGBTQ+ topics. I also had various sign-up sheets for people to volunteer with Diverse Holliston and with Holliston Pride. I also had a petition for people to sign in support of an “all gender model” of sports in town,” said Worby .
She said an event like this is important because “When you live in a culture that normalizes straightness and gender conformity, that has historically and continually to this day wages assaults on your right to live authentically, it is important to create spaces where you are celebrated. 
“Pride month celebrates the rights LGBTQ+ have fought hard for and won over the years, and reminds us of the battle we still need to fight. 
“The Holliston Pride Picnic is a space that normalizes and celebrates queerness. You can find other queer people in town, have your kids see and meet other families that are like theirs, have your kid meet other queer kids, and find solidarity and community in that space.”