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Senior Center News

Summer Sizzler
Monday, June 6th—noon
Choose between a lobster roll or full belly clam roll served with clam chowder, fresh sides and strawberry shortcake. Tuna Roll or Egg Salad Roll can be substituted. $8 donation requested.
You must sign up in advance by calling the Senior Center at 508-429-0622.

Performance BY Ron Rizzo who specializes in modern and classic Rock, Pop and R&B. Performance generously sponsored by The Willows at Medway,
Salmon Health and Retirement
Pride Month
Join the Holliston Senior Center in recognizing PRIDE Month in June Wednesday, June 15, at 1pm.
In Collaboration with BayPath Elder Services, our Center is pleased to screen Gen Silent, a 2010 documentary film, directed and produced by Stu Maddux.
This powerful documentary follows six LGBT elders around Greater Boston and reveals their challenges, fears, hopes, and triumphs. A guided discussion with Julie (BayPath’s LGBTQ+ Initiative Coordinator) will follow the film. Please call to sign up—508-429-0622! Refreshments will be served.
Run Time: Approx. 60min.
Coffee with Holliston Police
Tuesday, June 7th at 2pm
Respecting Sergeant Remkus’ and Officer Ciavarra’s schedules, this program will now take place on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month from 2PM to 3PM.
Please call the Senior Center to sign up at 508-429-0622. Please also provide a topic or question you would like the officers to cover.
Lions Club Annual Senior Center Cookout
 Saturday, June 25, — noon, free
A huge thank you to the Holliston Lions for once again hosting this free cookout for the Seniors of Holliston.
Please sign up by calling the Senior Center at 508-429-0622 before June 21
From Michael R. Cassidy Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director
Emergency Preparedness experts agree that the best way to protect yourself from severe weather is to have advanced warning of the storm and, if you live in an area likely to be severely impacted, evacuate to a safe location before the worst of the storm.
While there are countless lists available online detailing items that can ease an evacuation, preparing a Go
Bag for older adults with more specialized medical needs and limited mobility presents its own challenges.
Experts suggest packing enough supplies in a Go Bag to last an individual three days; including water, food and medication, as well as additional items like weather radios, flashlights and batteries, and clothing. These items are all useful, but a Go Bag can become impractically heavy as you add non‐essential items.
One way to avoid over packing is to divide your items into two smaller bags – one with light, essential items you must have at all times (medical supplies, identification, short‐term supplies and communication/ legal materials), and a second bag with bulkier items (clothing, comfort and heavier supplies) that, while useful, can be left behind if forced to move quickly.
Any 􏰀me you repack a Go Bag, be sure to test the weight and imagine you are going to the airport: can you reasonably carry these items for several hours?
From Sergeant Remkus and Officer Ciavarra Elder Affairs Officers
Drug Take Back Program
The Holliston Police Department works in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to collect unwanted or unused medications. The Holliston Police Department has a large receptacle for these drugs located in the public lobby between the training room and public interview room. The receptacle is green and metal. The purpose of the program is for the public to have the ability to safely discard unwanted medications and keep them out of unwanted hands.
One type of medication to get rid of is expired
medications because they can become dangerous once they go past their expiration date. Another medication to discard would be unused medications. An example of this would be if your doctor told you to stop a certain medication prior to it being finished. It is important to bring these medications in for you and your loved ones.
Once you bring your medications to the station,
deposit them in the receptacle. If you used a bag to bring the medications to the station, we politely ask you take your bag with you. The only medications we do not take are the following: Lotions, Sharps (knife, scalpel, etc..) Needles, Inhalers, Ointments, or any kind of Liquid. If the receptacle is full, tell the dispatcher on duty so we can empty it. The process to empty it takes a bit and we politely ask you to return another day to try to deposit your medication.
On April 30, 2022, between 10 am - 2 pm we will have three officers on duty to assist with the drug take back program. This is our big day where we try to accommodate everyone coming to the station.
Thanks for reading and be safe.