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Puppies Dumped on Side of Road; Investigation Ongoing

By Susan Manning 
Staff Writer
Six young puppies, estimated to be barely a  week old, were found abandoned on the side of Cedar Street on Friday night, May 13.
As of press time, one puppy died. 


According to Holliston Detective Ciara Maguire, the remaining dogs are doing well.
“The remaining five puppies are being cared for by Ashland/Holliston ACO,” she said.
The pups were left between 8 and 9 p.m. 
Maguire said it is an ongoing investigation and all leads are being followed.
“Somebody knows why these puppies were left helpless on the side of the road … Friday night. They know where the mother is or was, and they know the circumstance behind their abandonment. I am still waiting for that person to contact me. 
“They made a mistake last Friday night, but they can choose to do the right thing now by contacting me,” she said.
While no reward is being offered, there is an ongoing investigation as abandoning animals is illegal in Massachusetts.
“We are not offering a reward. Moving forward that may be considered by private animal rescue agencies, but not likely by the Police Department, (as that’s not in our normal operating procedure),” said Maguire.
Tips will be kept confidential. If you have any information, reach out: 508-429-1212; [email protected]; [email protected]