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The b.LUXE beauty beat

With the unofficial end of summer just a few days away, and our uncomplicated schedules coming to a close, we’ll soon say goodbye to our warm weather wardrobes, beach hair and sandals. 
This final week of summer has most likely been a bit crazy for you. There’s the endless shopping list of back to school supplies, new clothes, sports equipment and of course, haircuts. 
But we’re pretty sure more than a few parents are doing their happy dance with the return of some “kid free” time. 
Sure, you’ll feel that tug at your heart as your little climbs the steps of the big yellow bus. You might even shed a tear or two, but hear that? Exactly. Seven hours of peace and quiet.
Let’s face it, it’s been two and half months of picking up wet bathing suits, sweating on the ballfield, driving your kids EVERYWHERE, and packing for all those “relaxing” vacations. Summer has its amazing moments, but for families with kids at home, the return to school is a much-needed time for parents to regroup and exhale. 
So, with seven hours, sans children, what should you do?  Hmmm? 
We think it’s time to book yourself some “me” time.   
First, let’s start with a round of applause for all you parents out there!!  You survived another chaotic summer and got those kids back on their academic schedules. Now...what do YOU need?
It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty for taking quality time for yourself, but there’s a reason there’s an article touting the benefits of “self-care” in every blog, magazine and post. Because it’s true! We’re our best selves when we feel good. We need time to revive and rejuvenate and that comes with what again? That’s right, self care!


Is your hair crispy from too much sun and fun? Did you skip your salon products for the summer or maybe your hair’s looking a little green from all that pool hopping? Perhaps, all of the above? b.LUXE beauty’s got your back! 
Here’s our September specials to refresh your aesthetic and soothe your soul. 
Use codeBACKTOSCHOOL at checkout. 
In honor of b.LUXE Hair and Makeup’s 10 year anniversary (and being named as one of Salon Today’s top 20 salons in the US) take $10 off our top three end-of-summer treatments and 10% off ALL blowout products! 
• Spa Scalp Treatment - $10 off
• Split End Treatment - $10 off
• All Blow-Dry products - 10% off
• Malibu Demineralizer - $10 off
Inhale, exhale...inhale, exhale… You got this, Ladies. See you soon at the studio.