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Q and A with Holliston Wrestling Coach Mike Capobianco

Who is on the team?
We had 15 kids on the team this year. I don’t know if you want the names of every single kid but the 4 seniors are David Touchette, Laurent Kwan, Thoren berg. All three were captains as well. And the last senior was Michael Liberty. We had an young team overall mostly sophomores, with 2 juniors and 2 freshman.
How many matches did they have?
We had we had 7 matches during the season we went 1-6 with but we were only able to wrestle league matches and two non league matches this year. The TVL was very tough this year and our record shows that. We wrestled Tri-county and Natick in non league matches who had good teams as well. We then lost to Tri-County in the sectional semi finals 42-36.
How was their season altered because of Covid?
The season was altered by covid in many ways including not being able to practice in our wrestling room all year. Also the kids had to wear masks during practices and matches unless we were outside which was tough. Wrestling is tough enough without having to wear a mask the whole time.also the season went from a winter season to a spring season. Unfortunately because of covid we weren’t able to get approval for a season right away. Because of this and the season change we lost atleast 10 kids this season that we were expecting to have back on the team this year. Either kids played other sports in the spring, couldn’t wrestle cause of the covid pandemic or was unsure of what the wresting season was gonna look like. So unfortunately we didn’t have to same team we thought we were gonna have.
How were their attitudes because of the changes to their season?
The kids that did come out for the team had great attitudes all year. They did a great job all year as well about following all the covid changes and restrictions to give our team the best chance to get through the season healthy and safe, which we did. The kids effort and passion never wavered even in a shortened strange season. They came ready to go every day and competed hard with each other trying to get better and never complained once.
How many practices are there? And how many meets are there?
We practice every day during the week unless we have a match on that day. Wrestling is the hardest high school sport and it’s not close. Especially with the mask this year.
How long have you been coach?
This was my 5 year as head coach. I was the assistant for three years before I took over as head coach.
What makes you proud to be their coach?
I was extremely proud of their work ethic all year, even with all the hurdles and changes we had to deal with. Their attitude and the effort never lacked. They were a fun group to coach because they came in every day trying to get better and improve on the day before. Very coachable and fun group of kids to coach.
Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to include in the story?
We had 4 TVL all stars this year
Thoren Berg senior at 195lbs
Laurent Kwan senior at 220lbs
David Touchette senior at 113
Anthony Touchette sophomore at 106

We also have three metrowest all stars as well the three seniors.
Thoren Berg
Laurent Kwan
David Touchette