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St. Mary’s Kof C and Green Team Join Forces Again

This past May, St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Council teamed up with the Green Team Junk Removal and held an Electronics Recycling Program with the proceeds donated to charity.  The day was extremely successful, and they raised $3,400 which was split between the Holliston Pantry Shelf and the Metrowest Veterans Emergency Fund.  The Green Team now wants to help the KofC Council continue their good work.
So, the Green Team and the KofC developed a coupon program which will donate $5 of each pickup to St. Mary’s KofC, with a minimum of a ¼ truckload per pickup.  The program will continue through the end of this year.  You need to include the coupon below when you place your pickup order with The Green Team, but there’s no limit to the number of times you have them pick up items; just give them another copy of the coupon.  The Green Team may be reached by phone at (508) 361-0519 or via the internet at  Check them out on their website; Green Team Junk Removal’s mission is to reuse and donate materials to local charities and non-profit organizations that help build affordable housing and provide assistance in furnishing homes to low-income families. Items and materials that cannot be reused will be recycled and kept out of our landfills.  Al Scaramella, Grand Knight for St. Mary’s KofC, feels that the Green Team mission closely aligns with the Council’s charitable mission to help those in need through a variety of actions.