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These Home Improvement Projects are Better Left to the Professionals: By John Szolomayer, RE/MAX Executive Realty

It’s pretty easy to turn on the television and find a home improvement show filled with tips and tricks. They can make home improvement projects look so simple that it feels like anyone can do them. However, some projects - whether because of time or resources - are often better left to the professionals.

If you’re ready to fill your weekend with DIY projects, make sure you read this article first. Here are some of the home improvement projects that are better left to the professionals.

#1: Electrical

On top of the list are projects involving electrical repairs or installation. Unless you are a licensed electrician, even the smallest electrical job can turn dangerous. If you are tearing down a wall, adding a room, moving a fuse box, or anything that involves electricity call an electrician. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

#2: High-End Flooring

If you have spent the money to purchase top of the line flooring, this is one that is probably better left to the professionals. If you get it wrong, the money goes right down the drain. When you spend thousands of dollars for the best materials to install high end flooring, use a professional floor installer. This applies to any high end improvements when using expensive materials.

#3: Plumbing

Just like with electrical, unless you are a licensed plumber making plumbing repairs can be a big DIY no-no. It may not be as dangerous as making electrical improvements, but it can be extremely costly. Repairing a simple leak can cause pipe bursts, sewage backups, and flooding, just to name a few. Avoid the headache and call a plumber.

#4: Roof Repairs

Replacing a loose shingle here and there is one thing, but to replace an entire roof, you should call in a professional roofer. Not only is it dangerous work, if the roof is not laid correctly you may end up with ceiling leaks or even cave ins. This is not a DIY project.

#5: Architectural Landscaping

Green thumbs like to go the extra mile and try installing pavers and pathways in their garden. If you’re a home-improvement rookie, this can be a big mistake. Just like laying concrete or flooring, architectural landscaping is more than just laying stone and concrete. Design, water flow and drainage, and curb appeal all play into making your landscaping look its best. Call a landscape designer instead.

DIY? Think Again!

According to US News & World Report, nearly 30% of homeowners plan to make some home improvements this year. Of those, almost three quarters are planning DIY projects. If any of the projects on your DIY list include those mentioned above, you might want to explore the services of a professional first. Your home, your pocketbook and your weekend will thank you.  And as always with any building project, you should contact your local town building inspector to find out if a permit is required. 

Information provided by John Szolomayer, RE/MAX Executive Realty. Each office is independently owned and operated. For more information, John can be reached at  508-259-4788 or