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New Cooking Show Airing on HCAT-TV

Resident Chef Silvia Ribas main goal is to share her recipes that focus on helping residents maintain a balanced and whole diet. Her new local HCAT-TV show “Garden in the Kitchen” will give her an opportunity to do just that. The first two episodes were taped in her home and are currently airing on HCAT-TV. The first dish that Silvia prepared is ground turkey butternut squash.
Silvia grew up in a small farming town in Brazil. As a young child she would help her grandmother sell vegetables at the local farmers market. That experience taught her the value of nutritious foods which are grown from our planet’s soil. “My recipes are easy to prepare and can be done in less than an hour” says Ribas. She wants everyone to know that it’s possible to maintain a healthy diet with home cooked meals without interfering with people’s busy lives.
Viewers can expect to see Silvia prepare gluten free recipes. Some other dishes will include filet mignon, sheet pan chicken and potatoes, instant pot chicken parmesan, sheet pan sausage and peppers as well as other healthy meals.
Garden in the Kitchen has been featured on, Country Living magazine, Whole Foods and in The Pioneer Woman. In addition, Silvia is currently a brand Ambassador for Yankee Candle and Galbani Cheese. She currently has over 36,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. Visit Silvia’s blog at Garden in the Kitchen.
Watch Garden in the Kitchen on HCAT-TV on Comcast channel 8 or Verizon channel 32. Check the local program schedule for days and times. Go to: Click HCAT’s Facebook link to watch the Premiere edition!