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Police Department Raising Funds For Community Resource Dog

HPD has begun the process of searching for funds for a Community Resource Dog program, or CRD. We’re currently working with community partners for corporate donations and grant opportunities. While we’re hopeful of grant approvals and corporate donations, funds will always be needed. This initial goal is to raise somewhere in the range of $25,000 for the purchase of a dog and approximately a year of training plus vet care and equipment. The funds are not intended to go towards officer salary or overtime costs, according to the department’s Facebook page.
What is it?
A CRD can be compared to a comfort dog with an array of deployment options. The CRD is not intended for tactical deployment - search and rescue, people tracking, narcotics searches, etc. The CRD can be brought to calls that are deemed safe involving domestic violence, juvenile issues, elder issues, mental health related calls and more. Check out @officer_cruiser (Wrentham PD) or @officerkatieandbear (Brookline PD) on Instagram those are area CRDs that are loved by their communities.
Holliston is the perfect community for this program. Holliston is a community that values its events and HPD is always a part of town events. Having the CRD gives the department other ways to connect to the community and really, who doesn’t love a dog?
Funding transparency: Our HPD K9 is funded through “Friends of Holliston Police K9” 501c3. In an effort to save time and money, that same 501c3 will manage the funds but any donations made to the CRD program goes into a separate bank account intended only for the Holliston Police CRD.