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Ace Handyman Services: Bringing Can-Do to the To-Do List

By Jane Lebak
Every home needs a little work. The sink that drips or the shutter that’s askew, they’re little repairs, but each repair takes time, tools, and expertise.
Enter the Ace Handyman Services craftsman packages, where a homeowner can hire a multi-skilled craftsman for half a day to complete their entire to-do list.
“Everyone around here knows Ace Hardware,” says Bruce Baltz, owner of the Franklin, Massachusetts Ace Handyman franchise. “Ace Handyman Services carries the Ace Hardware commitment to quality right into your home.”
For homeowners working full-time, household maintenance and repair can get pushed off due to lack of time. Other homeowners don’t feel confident enough to tinker with their home, their largest investment. The elderly in particular may find themselves unable to do the maintenance they need in order to remain safe in their homes. Then there’s the matter of trust. How can a homeowner know which craftsmen will respect their home and do a quality job?
Baltz says, “Homeowners want the confidence of knowing they can get the work done--and not only ‘done’, but done safely, and done competitively-priced. We’re serious about the trust our customers put in us.”
The route to a thriving home starts at Once a customer enters their zip code, the website links them to the closest office. The customer can then set their own schedule, uploading a list of all of their repairs and undone tasks while the website estimates how long each will take. 
This is where Ace Handyman Services introduces their greatest innovation, the “package” model. “You can request a full-day or a half-day package, depending on how much you need,” says Baltz. “These packages can be a multitude of different tasks, or they can focus around a single room.”
Ace will match your repairs with the team member who’s the best fit for the work. “All our craftsmen are trained, licensed, and background checked,” says Baltz. “It’s an added reassurance for the homeowner.”
The website offers 1,162 different tasks to improve your home, along with a time estimate for each. For customers who feel more comfortable speaking with the office, the phone number is prominent in the right-hand corner.
Baltz says, “These packages are the single most exciting thing that Ace Handyman Services offers. They’re the best value for your time as well as your money. Our multi-skilled craftsmen will arrive at your house capable of handling your entire list, with the complete tools and equipment to get it done.”
Ace Handyman Services operates in the niche between independent handymen and professional licensed contractors, such as plumbers and electricians. Baltz says, “We make it a point to develop relationships with high-quality and trustworthy partners. When we encounter a problem that’s out of our scope, we transfer our customers to those partners, but we still back up their repairs.”
This means no homeowner will be stuck with unsafe or incomplete work. “Everything is tracked, accountable, and repeatable. Every single time you schedule, the experience will be the same. It’s delivered the same way. Over time, you’ll form a relationship with the craftsmen.”
Ace Handyman Services promises to treat your home with respect. That means honoring your family’s personal space, using protective materials on walls and floors, and leaving your home cleaner than they found it. They strive to communicate about every step of the process, from scheduling, to an on-the-way text, to written changes before adjusting any work order.
Baltz says, “All work is guaranteed for a full year. We want homeowners to feel confident that if something were to go wrong, we’re there to make it right. We’re bonded and insured, and that protects the homeowner.”
Every Ace Handyman craftsman observes strict Covid-19 protocols. The craftsman arrives wearing a fresh face mask, shoe covers, and gloves. They adhere to social distancing standards and disinfectant use, and will re-sanitize the area after work is completed.
As homeowners become more comfortable with the package model, they can explore the more involved packages, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations.
“You live in your home,” says Baltz. “We’re honored when you invite us in to improve it.”
To put the can-do in your to-do list, visit today. See how a team of multi-skilled craftsmen can improve your home!