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Farmers Market Coming To Blair Square

By Susan Manning
Staff writer
Blair Square will be bustling with activity come mid-June, when the new farmers market opens. 
Resident Robert Blair start of the project and is anticipating a popular response.
“I had too much time on my hands this winter and wanted to gauge people’s feelings about a market. I have a dahlia farm and have been involved with the Ag/Com and Community Farm. [It was] just a natural progression of things, I suppose,” he said recently.
And so it began. The farmers market began to take shape and the following mission was created:
The mission of the Holliston Farmers Market is to provide a venue for local farmers, artisans and handcrafters to sell their products, improve nutrition by providing greater access to fresh local produce, educate residents about nutrition and sustainable agriculture, and to build community, while contributing to a vibrant downtown center in Holliston.
Vendors were sourced with the following criteria: 
The Holliston Farmers Market seeks vendors based on a strong preference for:
1. Locally grown and locally produced products.
2. Diverse mix of products, encouraging selection, vitality, and freshness.
3. Products produced organically or through regenerative practices without chemicals.
4. Livestock products from animals that are grass fed, humanely raised and processed, free range poultry, fed non-GMO or organic feed.
5. Local artisans, student artisans and crafters
6. Local businesses that promote a healthy, green and regenerative Community
Based on the response, Blair is expecting the market to be a robust one.
“A feeler was posted on Facebook this past winter and the town residents reacted with over 700 positive likes and comments,” said the Holliston resident.
Anticipated excitement for the market was comparable to the foot traffic studies.         
“The Rail Trail Committee has electronic counters and shared the counts from last year down to the day and hour that our first market will be operating. The least amount of people that passed through Blair Square last year between June 20 and Oct. 10th between the hours of 9 am to 1 pm on Sundays, was 225 in four hours; 450 was the most—a great incentive to be a vendor,” he said.
Blair said the market will be rain or shine, but is unsure which payment methods each vendor will accept.
“Individual vendors are coming in and this our first year, so I’m not certain which payments are accepted,” he said.
The first market will be June 20, and will feature local artists/photographers and their works. 
“This is a one-time-only, free venue for those talented folks,” said Blair.
So what is Blair most looking forward to?
“I’m looking forward to people being outside and the market will act as a gathering spot for the community, much like the old dump used to. The market will also serve as an economic stimulus for farmers, crafts people and businesses. 
“From some response I’ve been sent, people can’t hide their joy that the market is actually happening,” he said.
The market will run Sundays from June 20 through Oct. 10. It will be located in Blair Square, on Central Street, across from the CVS Pharmacy. Anyone wishing to display their works at the opening market, can contact Blair