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Planning and Protection Saved the Morgan’s Health, Home, and Life Savings

Mar 25, 2021 02:18PM ● By Chuck Tashjian
Dennis Sullivan & Associates, Counselors at Law
Through the years we have seen all too often a person or family who thought all was well, only to discover otherwise at the worst possible time …
Mr. Morgan came to one of our free discovery seminars a while back. If you asked him at the time, he probably could not give you a specific answer as to why he showed up, other than, “I knew I had to do something and when I saw your information about the education and counseling process, I just felt like I had to be there.”
It was fortunate that Mr. Morgan made this decision. We had noticed him sitting in the back. He was easy to spot in his red striped tie but more importantly because he never took his eyes off of us as we spoke. Talking with him afterwards, we could see why he was hanging on our every word regarding protecting your estate and assets.
His wife had recently become ill, and medical bills had begun to deplete their life savings. It had been their dream to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement and eventually leave a financial legacy for their children and grandchildren, but now all this was in serious jeopardy. It was very possible, he said, that Mrs. Morgan might have to enter a nursing home, which would further rob them of hard-earned retirement savings earmarked for their loved ones.
Mr. Morgan’s situation was very personal to our team. It struck at the very heart of our core values of Faith, Family and Finances. It is why we have done our very best to protect families in our community and region for generations! Does this sound like something that hits home for you as well?
Upon learning of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan’s plight at our discovery session, we immediately set up an appointment with Mr. Morgan to dig deeper into the situation. In preparation for our meeting, we did a thorough and complete review of legal, financial and tax matters, including present finances, future goals and, most importantly, the major obstacles (medical and otherwise) that could potentially rob this couple of their hard-earned money and retirement savings. Accordingly, we determined what they wished to do to make their children and grandchildren more comfortable. The end result was that Mr. and Mrs. Morgan were able to stay on track through a solid retirement, estate and asset protection plan we put in place for them.
What about your present situation? Might there be landmines on the horizon which could shatter your future dreams and plans? Based on what has happened to numerous clients, families have been unable to visit and/or coordinate matters from bill paying to document signing. Those who had the right legal documents and financial matters coordinated as well as the right people in place, were successful with what needed to be done. We have heard of many who did not have the right team and/or preparations in place, and the outcomes were not favorable. How has Covid-19 affected your family, friends and neighbors? What if Mr. Morgan had not happened upon our free discovery workshop and personal counseling session? What might his and his wife’s financial future have looked like? Do not let a healthcare catastrophe or another major event put an end to what you have been working towards for your golden years.
Our team Protects Families for Generations. What do you and your loved ones need to know now for your lifetime? You and your family may very well be our next success story. 
Through our unique program you can complete all of your important protection virtually (online), staying warm, safe, and healthy in the comfort of your home, while a team of experienced, caring, compassionate professionals creates a comprehensive health estate and asset protection plan that provides you and your family members total peace of mind now and for generations that follow.
The most important phone call you can make today is to our discovery line 800-964-4295 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or 781-237-2815 (weekdays) to register for a Discovery Session and to see if you qualify for a personalized review and counseling session. You can also register online at Due to the current pandemic, we are doing our best as essential service providers to help those who qualify, understand how much they can and should do for their family now!
Dennis Sullivan & Associates is a team of caring, compassionate, experienced professionals who Protect Families for Generations.
Book a free online discovery session today. You’ll discover why 90% of all trust and estate plans fail as well as what you can do to protect your health, home, spouse, family, legacy, and life savings. You and your family will benefit from the peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones for generations. Call 800-964-4295 NOW to register for a Discovery Session or visit