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Senior Center Adapts to Changes from Pandemic

As we all know, we have faced challenges in 2020, that we could not have even imagined one year ago. With the support of all of you, we have risen to meet those challenges.

Although I think that my staff thought I was crazy when I said we were going to make this the biggest ( although certainly different), holiday season of my 16 years here. I was determined to not say no to anyone looking to participate. To that end, we served 185 Thanksgiving meals between home delivery and drive through, we served 217 Holiday meals, and this week we delivered gift bags to 272 seniors, including all residents of Cole Court and Mission Springs. We also worked to find as many members of our community as we could who are over the age of 90, and they all received gifts, as well as to those we know who are alone and struggle throughout the year. Each gift recipient received between 6 and 10 items.

The support from the community was beyond amazing. We had one family, who because their finances and lives had not been affected by covid, wanted to show their children about giving back to others, and they made 20 beautifully put together themed gift bags, such as “for the puzzle doer” and “for the letter writer.” Their children’s role was to fill treat bags with candies, teas, and hot cocoa, which were included in each gift bag. Another member of the community, who also relayed how his income was not affected, purchased 150 free meals, for up to $15 each to the Holliston Grill. Those gift certificates were given to all residents on Cole Court and Mission Springs. 

Beyond that, the number of gifts that came from the community was astounding. The Girl Scouts (Troop #75346) had placed donation boxes in 7 local businesses and wrapped all of the items that they collected. As Marty likes to say, “It takes a Village.”

I am honored to be part of the Center and this community, and to be in a position to facilitate these kinds of events happening.

For those who celebrate, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and let’s all hope for a better and brighter 2021!

Linda Marshal