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FY21 Valuations

Holliston Assessors have received the go-ahead from the state to release preliminary FY21 certified values. Communities are subject to an exhaustive review and audit by the Department of Revenue every five years, and 2020 for fiscal year 2021 is Holliston’s year. During interim years the assessors continue to review the market through sales (primary residential) and income information (Commercial Industrial). Value is established each January 1 based on market information from the prior year. This year’s values are for Fiscal Year 2021 and based on market data from 2019. During COVID the real estate market has been incredibly robust. Forbes (https://fortune. com/2020/10/20/real-estatecoronavirus-pandemic-homebuying-zillow-redfin) attributes this to individuals now working at home wanting to establish first homes in the suburbs. The 2020 market is what we will analyze in respect to the Fiscal Year 2022 real estate billing. It should be interesting to see how it trends out for FY22. In relation to fiscal year 2021 and the 2019 market in Holliston, Value Analysis for residential values was based on 147 valid single family house sales between Jan 1-Dec 31 2019. Analysis was also done on condominium, multi families, and land sales. Based on the 147 valid single family home sales, Holliston’s average sale price was $575,800. The average increases in Town assessments from FY20 to FY21, excluding permit growth by use, are as follows: single families: 5% residential condominiums: 5% multi families: 4% commercial: 3% Industrial: 2% Some residential neighborhoods saw greater or lesser value impacts than average percentage changes. Mostly attributed to the market or growth. Sales are stratified for analysis by style, size, condition, quality of construction, or neighborhood. The goal of applying value is to apply change from the market in a uni