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Girls Start Business With Mask-Making Mission

Dec 31, 2020 01:53PM ● By Susan Manning

Three Holliston girls learned that when life hands you lemons, you make… masks?
It started when two sisters— Avery and Elizabeth Marion—wanted to learn how to make a mask. Their neighbor and friend— Sinead Ojha—was already making them and offered to show them. The rest, as they say, is history.
“Sinead was making masks for her family and we wanted to learn how to make masks, too,” said Elizabeth.
But what started as a tutorial among the trio of Holliston Middle School sixth-graders, turned into a community project, and Quarantine Creations was formed.
“We decided to make a business to give back to the community so we made masks for our neighbors, friends, and family members,” said Avery.
Every dollar that Quarantine Creations makes is given back to a local foundation. The girls decided that the proceeds should be directed to people who are suffering the brunt of the pandemic’s economic impact.
The tweens chose Foundation for MetroWest’s Feed Framingham Fund, which was created to provide responsive, critical financial support to nonprofit organizations helping to ensure access to food and basic hygiene necessities for vulnerable populations across the city.
So far, the 11-year-olds have made about 20 masks.
“We would love to make more masks for people who are interested,” though, said Elizabeth.
 While the proceeds will go to help those in need and affected by COVID-19, the benefits went both ways.
“This has been a really hard and stressful time for everyone so it has kept us occupied,” said Elizabeth.
 Avery continued, “We have felt really good that we have been giving back to other families who are in need during this time and our customers can get involved too!”
Quarantine Creations offer a kid size and an adult size, and there are two styles. Email for more information and to purchase masks: [email protected].
More information on the Feed Framingham COVID-19 fund can be found here: