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Black Lives Matter in Holliston

Jun 30, 2020 12:37PM ● By Michelle Mc Sherry

Holliston Pride Committee members Lina Giraldo, Barbara Fritts Worby, and Trudy Cross celebrate the raising of the town of Holliston’s first-ever Pride flag on Friday, June 12th, 2020.

Following the highly notorious way that George Floyd, a Black man, died while being arrested by Minneapolis Police, the town of Holliston joined hundreds around the country taking to the streets in protest of the mistreatment of Black Americans at the hands of police. For coverage of these events, turn to page . 

Holliston Students March 

On June 4th, young Holliston students organized in a flash to march in the hundreds to express outrage at police brutality sweeping the nation following the death of another black man, George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, captured on viral video. 

Caroline Beaudet was one of the organizers of the event with Emily Rivera and Lauren Maki. She was surprised at the turnout on a very short notice. Beaudet says she was moved to do something as she realized her privilege. 

“If I have all this, why can’t they?” she asked, as a white woman, in regard to Black Americans. “If I can be pulled over and not be killed, why can’t they?

Mary Kinsella, member of the Holliston Democatic Town Committee, felt moved to join the group. She says even Holliston needs to be a town more welcoming to diversity. ”Just a glance or dirty look that makes people feel less than welcome, but we’re all human beings.

Senior Emily Downing added, “I live in Holliston, and I think there has to be a change, because racism toward the black community is just not acceptable.”