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Elite Eight A Catalyst For Holliston Girls Soccer Squad

There’s been movies made that feature numbers — like “The Magnificent Seven’’ and “The Dirty Dozen.’’ The girls soccer team at Holliston High can easily match those numerical titles with “The Elite Eight.’’
Co-head coaches Amanda Sirianni and Kerri Kern, who are in their first year directing the Panthers since the departure of former coach Kristina Kern, are very emphatic when discussing the value and impact of their eight seniors who’ve led Holliston to a 6-5-2 record that has kept them in the mix for a berth in the playoffs.

Newcomers Expect High Need for Thanksgiving Baskets

Donations of Food Items, Monetary Gifts Sought - Food Drive at Shaw’s Nov. 15

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. There is no stress of what present should I give or lots of decorating to do. The day is about family and food. Spending time together. What would Thanksgiving dinner be without mashed potatoes and butternut squash? Without warm apple pie or pumpkin pie for dessert? Many deserving families in our town depend on the generous donations of these items to help complete their holiday meal.